Work in Progress Check

Critic and feedback from one on one meeting:

  • currently the shapes compete over the body text – shrink down shapes
  • integrate title to the bottom and integrate shapes into images
  • remember margin
  • crop image to tighten
  • switch out the move with orange context
  • need a sense of readiness
  • the shape connection doesn’t need to be literal – broken lines
  • title on the orange page or bold first line
  • highlight art more
  • keep back plain without shapes


Preliminary Design Review

Feedback and critic from peers and tutor:

  • colour as hierarchy – hot > cold, dark > bright – sequence
  • orange first?
  • mindful of the visual
  • is the die cut for? – must have a purpose as it adds to the budget cost
  • currently too bottom heavy
  • cut out pictures to structure?
  •  has a sense of unity
  • could move some shapes down
  • be aware of contrast – visual vibrations – scaling – visual depth – pulls things in
  • doesn’t have to be continues
  • words stagger
  • special treatment for header box
  • shape image
  • tagline front – arts and health on the back
  • bump text box 50%
  • insert more images?


Task 1: Designing Exploration

Existing brochure designs:

3 Favourites:

Using an accordion fold this brochure has been cut to create popups, surprising the reader when it is opened. This design is interesting and easily creates a rhythm with the eye.

This brochure uses a die cut to highlight an element, the speech bubble.

This brochure is folded inwards using 4 panels. It is a fun way to use a brochure, however, it looks difficult to lay the content out effectively.


Playing with folds:

Tried to create a drop down vertical brochure but the layout was pretty difficult to achieve and the user experience would have been awkward to handle.

Using the inspiration from above I tried to create an accordion fold brochure with pop up to create a surprise element. But folding the brochure back was difficult.

Using the trifold I tried to incorporated die cuts into my brochure to make things more interesting for the reader. I also cut out the shape of the paint splatter to create a less uniform brochure.
I also used the shapes across the pages to create visual flow and to establish visual hierarchy.