Off the Grid

4 hours off the grid, 2 hours inside, 2 hours outside and an image every hour.

The first hour (inside):

I felt confined and bored stuck in my small dorm room. I decided to pass the time by doing some work, I was unable to use any electricity and internet so I had to hit the books and use the less efficient way of researching. I always prefered to handwrite then to use my laptop so it wasn’t too different for me, although, I found it difficult to efficiently research. It was strange to reflect and think back when I was in junior school, I had primarily used books to research and I always spent my time flicking through the books at the school library.


The second hour (inside):

I continued to do some work, reading and cleaning of my room for the time I was inside. I found it difficult to entertain myself for the two hours I was stuck inside. It was crazy to think I spend hours inside every day when I had access to electricity and internet. I also suffered from the heat with no fan. In the final minutes of my inside time, I left to go outdoors for the next two hours. I had to walk down the fire escape from the top floor (13th floor).

The third hour (outside):

I walked around and observed nature and how beautiful and green the NTU campus is. I walked to ADM after 30 mins and sat down on the grass roof and wrote in my journal and read my book. It was very peaceful and I much prefer being outside with no technology and electricity. It helped me pay attention to my environment and I also people and bird watched while I was outside.

The fourth hour (outside):

As I was strolling around a bit after sitting on the ADM roof, it started to sprinkle then pour down. I ran to the closest bus stop and enjoyed the sound, smell of the rain and how it made the air cooler and less humid. It was perfect to sit and reflect on this exercise.