Anthropology of mobile phones

Ten years ago Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone. He started his speech with the words “We’re going to make some history together today”. Now in 2017 when we’re looking back, he was completely right.
Jan Chipchase gave this speech in 2007. Even then the three most important things people carry are their mobile phone, money, and their keys. The reason is simple, these things depict a spiritual, emotional, and functional value. With the mobile phone, people can transcend time through messages or voice calls.

After the presentation of the iPhone, the connection of people increased very fast. Almost everyone owns a mobile phone today.
Also the functional value increased a lot. People can use their mobile phones as a payment method and can even control their homes with it. Not only people become connected but also devices. Advancements in smart home technology continue to push the limits of what the internet of things is capable of.
These are some of the consequences about Jan Chipchase spoke in his show 10 years ago. The speed of sharing things as ideas and objectives increase more and more. I am very excited where this takes us.

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