One day without cell phone

One day with my cell phone in Delhi

The day started in the Hostel. After I took a shower I had breakfast with my cell phone, checking e-mails and messengers. I also checked the app google trips to schedule my day plan. Afterwards I looked for a cab and compared the prices in the uber and ola app. During the cab ride I searched for authentic local restaurants where I can have a cheap lunch and read reviews in the tripadvisor app. Many people use face time or other video call services while commuting. YouTube is also very popular in India. Approximately 700 Mio people use it and it is a good thing to transcend time. After I took pictures and videos of some monuments, I had lunch in a local restaurant. It is also very comfortable to check the opening hours in google. Before I make a decision I ask google for advises and read reviews. In the restaurant I met an Indian guy. We were talking about universities and good payed jobs in India. Since he was working for a solar company he told me that he wants to visit Germany next year. We exchanged our contact information. Back in the hostel I edited my videos and pictures and talked to some backpackers. Later we ordered food with an app. The whole day was accompanied by my cell phone. If there were any ambiguities the first thing I have done, was checking my cell phone not get myself into trouble.

One day without my cell phone in Delhi

I went into the crowded streets of Delhi without my cell phone. Hence Delhi was a complete new city for me I did some preparations in advance. I printed a Map and wrote down some sights that I wanted to see. Instead of searching online for a cab I was looking for an auto Riksha. Since the traffic is so erratic the fastest way to commute is to take a Riksha. But it’s more expensive than uber or ola. As a tourist I always tried to haggle down the prices. I also began to observe the people’s behaviour. Without a cell phone where you can distract yourself you have time to really look around and experience everything more detailed. I often had the feeling that I was missing something in terms of disconnection or that my cell phone got stolen. I was not able to take pictures, to search for helpful reviews and reports on tripadvisor, to book cabs and so on. Since in Delhi e-payment is not common I did not have any payment issues at least.

However, I would say that my smartphone is not just a piece of technology. It’s my guide through today’s world. It helps in any situation, but however it makes us seeing the world more superficial. Many things happen without our attention.

I think nowadays it’s very hard for people living without their cell phone. For the most of us it is more than a technical device. We are able to customize everything and we can use it at any time. If we feel bored, we can send messages, check social media or watch YouTube videos. We can easily transcend time. And if we got lost we can check our location via GPS and Maps. So there are a dozen helpful functions which come with the cell phone.

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