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  1. Hi Rebecca!

    I thought that you gave a powerful performance despite the fact that you were sick. Your strong vocals were clearly supported and accurately expressed the intensity of the piece. The transition between the verse of the song to the chorus was made distinct as the mood of the song changed from the hurt the singer was feeling to despair. I felt that you could very your dynamics more to better portray the emotions of the song. Good job!

  2. Rebecca! You did a great job although you weren’t feeling well. Your singing was powerful and well supported. You weren’t afraid at all! The way you sang was so on point, I could feel the hurt in the beginning. When you went into the chorus, I felt like you were empowering all of us to get back up after a break up and to find someone else. Wonderful rendition with powerful vocals. (:

  3. Hi Rebecca,

    Despite being sick, I can definitely hear the power of your voice! I think that you chose a song really suitable for you because it let you belt the high notes, an area that I think you really shine because your voice sounds rich and supported. One area i think you can improve on is your timing though. At many parts of the song, you deviated from the beat slightly and it seemed odd rather than a stylistic choice. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed your performance and it’s a shame that I couldn’t hear you sing when you aren’t sick!

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    Self evaluation:

    I’m really not happy with my stage presentation especially because I know that I could have had a better pitch especially at the chorus. Also, the higher notes weren’t like I wanted them to be.            
    Even if I don’t feel uncomfortable on the stage I ‘danced’ a lot. Next time I would like to move a little less (or more controlled). And probably be healthy before a stage presentation.

  5. That was a really strong and confident performance of one of my favorite Adele songs! You had a raspy quality to your voice which really suited the song! I felt that you sounded a little strained when belting the high notes but overall, it was a great emotional performance! Love the little details such as the little vocal run you did at the end of the performance which really made the performance enjoyable to watch.

  6. Hey Rebecca! I personally really like the richness of your tone! I love how you were able to hit all the low & high notes so effortlessly and how you have such a good breath support 🙂 You seem really comfortable on the stage as well. You also sound confident when you sing 🙂  If I have to point out one thing about your performance, it would be that your articulation of some words weren’t that clear. For instance, you pronounced the word ‘best’ as ‘bes’ without the t. Oh and you looked a little caught off guard when it was time for the chorus but that was just a really minor mistake so I guess it was fine. Other than that, I think you did a great job!! 🙂

  7. Hi Rebecca! I felt that the song you picked really suits your tone quality and voice. Although you were sick, I could still feel the power within your voice and you were comfortable and confident throughout. I really love how you enunciate the words and make the song your own! You could work a little on your pace but overall I enjoyed your performance 🙂

  8. Hey Rebecca! Despite being sick, you still sang really well! The pitch and articulation were all on point! I really envy the tone quality and power in your voice – it really suits the song! Your notes were all well-supported throughout the song! I think you can work more on the rhythm and phrasing of the song more! Good job I really liked your performance!

  9. HI Rebeeca,

    Couldn’t believe you were sick with that rendition. Makes me wonder how you would do if you weren’t! To pull of an Adele number is no mean feat and you did her proud! You had the necessary power and style but yet had your own delivery which was admirable.

  10. Hey Rebecca!

    I couldn’t detect that you were sick during the performance because it is really good! As many have pointed out, you have a really powerful voice and that trait helps you to bring out the dynamics of the song really well 🙂 I feel that you can take care of the beat and tempo even more, so that your delivery doesn’t sound rushed at times!

    Wonderful effort!!

  11. Becky! It’s amazing how you were still able to project such a powerful voice despite being sick! And I’ve also noticed your stance which exudes confidence in your stage presence (: Your vocal control, eg. when you dragged the “shy”, was superb. I felt that you may have started the second verse a tad early but you caught up with the background music by dragging “friend” in the same line. Not sure if the early start was intentional but if it wasn’t then good and fast recovery! Lovely performance (((:

  12. Hey Becci, your voice is still strong despite your flu and still very powerful! I also liked your stage presence and the emotions you communicated with your voice and your movements on stage. You appear at ease and in tune with the emotions of the song! Your tone is similar to the original’s, good job!

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