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  1. Hi Rebecca! Great cover! I liked how you captured the essence of the song. Your facial expression was not cold! On the contrary, I think your facial expression brought out the meaning of the lyrics of the song. You had good vocal support, making your high notes pleasing to the ear. In addition, I felt that the tone of your voice suited this song. Good song choice!

  2. Hi Rebecca, I agree with Lynn! Your facial expression was not cold and the quality of your voice matches this song! Your tone quality is great, like how your tone was focused and well-supported for most of the song. I think if you worked on your breathing at the faster transition of the lyrics, it’ll be perfect and it’ll probably be easier for you to transit to the next line too! You are always on pitch and the dynamic levels of the song are shown during the transition of the verse to the chorus, which is really great! Great performance!!

  3. Hi Becci, I like how you seem very comfortable and confident singing in front of the camera ☺ Your voice is powerful and strong, and conveyed your emotions well. One suggestion could be to try to keep to the tempo more, you seem to get ahead of the music once in a while.

  4. Hi Rebecca! You have a really powerful voice and it fits this song really well! I also like the part where you transit into falsetto at 00:27. You have a good sense of pitch too 🙂 However, I noticed that you tend to sing slightly ahead of the music. Perhaps you can try wearing a earpiece so that you can hear the background music better? 🙂 Overall, a splendid performance!!

  5. Hi Becci!

    My honest opinion about this performance is WOW! You have such a powerful voice and it suited this song perfectly (as the song is about being strong to overcome challenges) so kudos on hitting your song choice spot on! Your face is actually full of expression, how your face changed adapted to the high and low notes of the song. To improve this performance better, maybe you can be more aware of the tempo of the song? And support a little more for the falsetto that you used 🙂 Other than that, awesome job!

  6. Hi Rebecca!

    Contrary to your video description, I think your facial expressions were one of the best in Cantabile (and I am commenting on your video last HAHA). You have a very confident voice and you did a great job conveying the message and emotions of this song in your singing! A point that you could improve upon is perhaps better support for your higher notes as your high notes sound a bit strained and the sound sounds a bit muffled and constricted. Otherwise, good job!

  7. Wow Rebecca, I couldn’t tell that you had a cold cos you pulled it off so well! I thought I was watching those Smule app commercials haha. I really enjoyed your cover because you owned the song, in the sense that you executed it in your own style. Great job! (:

  8. Hi Rebecca! Your expressions are awesome and you made the perfect song choice. Great use of your chest voice and head voice too. 🙂 My suggestion is that you could listen more to the music tempo. You could also take note of the speaker/mic as the last part of the song didn’t do justice to your powerful voice.

  9. Hi Rebecca,

    That was a very rousing rendition, it made my day!(:
    Your notes and pitching were on point and your delivery made it very easy for the audience to connect with you. Pace and groove of your voice really suits this song.

    My humble opinion would be to better catch the tempo of the song.

  10. Hi Rebecca, I think this song suits your voice really well! It sounds well supported and not breathy at all. However, you do sound abit nasally at some of the high notes so take note of opening your voice up abit at those parts. I like how you sometimes deviated from the song’s original melody and made it your own by incorporating some artistic flair.

  11. Hi Becky (: Your tone and pitching were on point! Also, you had good breath support as you didn’t sound out of breath throughout. Articulation was also good generally except for some words like “trying” and “uphill”. Sounded a little nasal towards the end but that could be because you were having a cold. Furthermore, Miley Cyrus also has a nasal voice anyways haha Good job!

    1. I think I should work on my breathing when it comes to the high notes cause the transition from lower to higher notes isn’t so well and clear.
      Also, I should work on my self-expression and sometimes on my bad german accent and spelling of some words.

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