Month: February 2018

Assignment 2 Editorial Illustration Research

Artist research 

– Illustrator- Andrew Groves (Wiston, United Kingdom)
– Coven Magazine – Issue 7 – Spring 2014 by Coven Magazine – issuu
– Louise Lockhart is a freelance illustrator and the founder of The Printed Peanut.
–  issue 1 of Hello Hull, a quarterly children’s magazine distributed in all primary schools, kids hospitals & libraries in Hull.

– Varoom research 

  • Illustration, Culture, Society Autumn 2012, Cover illustration created for Varoom by Radio.
  • The design of every magazine blends the taste of the Art director with values of the publication. Michael Salu, Artistic director of Granta magazine, reflects on creating a taste for a magazine that combines the literary and the Aesthetic.
  • VAROOM 09 
the journal of illustration and made images – April 2009
, Cover image by Alex Trochut
- Illustration, Culture, Society
 Autumn 2011
  • Varoom 16 cover artwork by George Hardie

Assignment 1: Self portrait

Artist Research

  • Kate Powell


  • Ira Sluyterman van Langeweyde, Illustrator and Character Designer from Munich, Germany


  • Quattrocento has collaborated with young artist Paola, also known as PIMP MY MAG, in order to revive and reinterpret an already existing campaign, showcasing her amazing talent and passion. Her work is based on fashion magazines’ ads and editorials on which she adds another layer by drawing on top of them and giving them another dimension. In our extremely insightful and interesting interview, she shares her inspiration, working process, connection to fashion and the importance of collaborating.

  • Child world Drawing

  • A self-portrait is to express me through a piece of work. Here is my process book for my working process.

Process Book For DV2002 AS