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Assignment 3 Poster Design Research

Design for Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

This is the design for Chinese New Year poster design. It uses the contemporary illustration.


This poster design used the Chinses calligraphy as the main element.


Chinese traditional illustration style 

Childhood Styles

Chinese style

Assignment 3 Package (Moon cake) Design Research

Design for Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

Traditional / Pattern / contemporary design moon cake package design:

  1. Old school Chinese royal court pattern design

2. Chinese / Janpanese style llustration design

3. Chinese style llustration design

4.Chinese new year style llustration design

4. Fashion Pattern design

5. Rabbit design 

6. pattern design

7. rabbit pattern design

8.contemporary Illustration deisgn

9.  Illustration deisgn

10.contemporary Illustration deisgn

11.contemporary Illustration deisgn

Assignment 2 The Three ideas comp sketches

Hi, Class~ Here are my three sketch ideas. My topic will be the obsession – roads.

  1. using Chinese calligraphy type of writing and also using the traffic light color as the main color in it. The mapping road of my life experience, the city/ country I been, and I like. But then so many places I had been, the obsession with it will be where should I go or stay? Where do I belong to?

2. This will be the road in Canada, which those names are cities name. And also will have the element of Chinese calligraphy.

3. This will be mapping road of China, I want to just use words to fill up the whole space.  

Assignment 2 Editorial Illustration Research

Artist research 

– Illustrator- Andrew Groves (Wiston, United Kingdom)
– Coven Magazine – Issue 7 – Spring 2014 by Coven Magazine – issuu
– Louise Lockhart is a freelance illustrator and the founder of The Printed Peanut.
–  issue 1 of Hello Hull, a quarterly children’s magazine distributed in all primary schools, kids hospitals & libraries in Hull.

– Varoom research 

  • Illustration, Culture, Society Autumn 2012, Cover illustration created for Varoom by Radio.
  • The design of every magazine blends the taste of the Art director with values of the publication. Michael Salu, Artistic director of Granta magazine, reflects on creating a taste for a magazine that combines the literary and the Aesthetic.
  • VAROOM 09 
the journal of illustration and made images – April 2009
, Cover image by Alex Trochut
- Illustration, Culture, Society
 Autumn 2011
  • Varoom 16 cover artwork by George Hardie