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CategoryAssignment 3 – Research & Process

Assignment 3 Design Process

Mooncake package illustration designs, the Chinese girl traditional paper cutting form of design.

poster card design – inside the moon

Assignment 3 – Postcard Design Process

The postcards design for Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

Theme one: Family

Theme two: Friends

Theme Three: Couple 

Color Vision

Assignment 3 Poster Design Research

Design for Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

This is the design for Chinese New Year poster design. It uses the contemporary illustration.


This poster design used the Chinses calligraphy as the main element.


Chinese traditional illustration style 

Childhood Styles

Chinese style

Assignment 3 Package (Moon cake) Design Research

Design for Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

Traditional / Pattern / contemporary design moon cake package design:

  1. Old school Chinese royal court pattern design

2. Chinese / Janpanese style llustration design

3. Chinese style llustration design

4.Chinese new year style llustration design

4. Fashion Pattern design

5. Rabbit design 

6. pattern design

7. rabbit pattern design

8.contemporary Illustration deisgn

9.  Illustration deisgn

10.contemporary Illustration deisgn

11.contemporary Illustration deisgn