Prototype #1

During this stage, we designed signs, a campaign poster, and a plan for testing

Figure 5: Mock Up of A4 Campaign Poster

How it works

A5 table signs will be printed out and inserted into clear stands, which will be placed on the tables at Koufu. These signs will encourage and prompt  patrons seated at the table to clean up after he/she is done. Wet tissues will be placed at a chosen table in Koufu, where we will place a bunch of balloons so that people will be able to spot the table from wherever there are. Patrons are expected to take a wet tissue after returning their tray to clean up the table.


Design & Copy of Signs

The front side of the A5 table sign aims to encourage patrons to clean up after their meal. We came up with two different approaches: First, playing on the concept of karma. Second, making the user interact with the ‘table’ through the WhatsApp chat.

The back side of the A5 table sign aims to communicate the purpose of the campaign and the instructions on how to get the cleaning supplies.

logo design

Feedback from class


We presented these ideas to the class and got feedback. Most of our classmates thought that the signs were too wordy. For example, the WhatsApp chat, which they felt could be more straightforward. The WhatsApp sign also introduced a third party (the table) into the relationship between our campaign and our audience, which could confuse audiences. They suggested that we use more visuals and just include what the sign is and what the audiences can do.


Information such as “what the campaign is about” and “why we are doing this campaign” can be placed in a bigger, separate poster.

This feedback were helpful, and we took them into consideration as we moved into prototyping again.