Assignment 3: Set-up

I will be designing 5 products to make up a care package for patients following a successful brain transplant surgery.

The products I will be designing are:

  • a bag/box
  • a mirror frame or compact mirror cover
  • a get well soon card
  • a journal
  • a digital resource (app or webpage)

As sensitivity and comfort are important things to consider following an invasive procedure such as this, my illustration should not be morbid in any way, which may be challenging for me! My idea is to create a kaleidoscope/mandala type collage from body parts. To avoid morbidity, I will make it colorful and clean. I want to include all different sizes/shapes/genders of limbs and parts because anyone could be getting this procedure. But you wouldn’t get transplanted into an unhealthy body, so all of the parts in my collage will look young and healthy.

I have made a few examples of limbs in illustrator. My next step is to arrange them, color them, create more if I have to, and then pattern it with a kaleidoscope tool.

Assignment 2: Final




I forgot to remove the varoom title from the original illustration so I’ll do that eventually. I like the illustration itself, but I think it looks a bit silly as a magazine cover. If I were to spend more time on it, I would pull the dimensions out so they filled the space better on the page. I’m not really happy with the colors, but I messed with a lot of different options and I couldn’t find one I liked better than this.