Assignment 2: Persona

For this assignment, we are required to create a persona. This person is a user of Varoom magazine, and our designs must appeal to them.

—— Research ——

I did a bit of research by looking at demographic statistics in the design industry and drew some conclusions as to what my user should resemble:

I decided that my user should be someone in the design industry, probably under the age of 30, who wants to stay connected and keep up with trends, and who is educated, organized, unique, and creative.

—— Persona ——



Age: 26

New York City, Freelance Graphic Designer


  • Organized to a fault, modern, tech savvy, creative and energetic but still professional and composed.
  • Broad skill set- knowledge of trending design softwares/technologies, IT skills, business skills
  • An all-around chill guy that probably listens to smooth jazz and appears classy in all facets of life. Drinks his coffee black.

Why he purchases Varoom:

Nathan strives to keep up on modern design trends. Varoom gives him insight into the current work of other people in his field. It’s important for him to be constantly updated and connected. Plus, he likes the feeling of reading a tangible text from time to time.

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