To create an outstanding experience I chose to make a diptych that forces the viewer to lay down or knee down to take a look at the full artwork.
The first piece of work is viewed from above and shows the upper planes of a left foot drawn in charcoal on a ground of dirt. Above hangs the opposite site of this foot, the bottom, surrounded by dirt aswell.

With this type of installation i want to show the one who is humble and interested enough a bodypiece that is usually quite private and sensitive.



Kneeling down on the dirty floor after recognising the neglected nails and wounded foot the viewer shows concern and dares to care. They take their time and energy to look after “someone” else.

It is not as strong as washing someone elses feet but just to realise the process of actually laying down in front of “someone” in the dirt to look after them is already a good sign of ministration to me.




To improve the experience of this work I should have designed a better mechanism to hang the second work from the ceiling without the use a stabilising roll of masking tape.
Also I could have covered the whole floor around the artwork in dirt so the viewer actually has to overcome themself even more to lay down.

Karl Schulschenk




Kim Jung Gi








Gareth Davies

Digitally but a style that kind of is related to ink drawing





John Le

Again no traditional ink examples. Digital work.





;Ian Mcque

Beautiful textures






Mark Henn – Frozen





Mauro Belfiore – Gus the bakery guard and Priscilla, the muffin carrier





Milt Kahl – Roger Radcliff






Wangjie Li – Sketch_08

Reference for shading with reflected light of the joints between the metacarpals and phalanges and the shapes of the Fingers – good overlapping ans occlusion shadow.


Less details and accurancy in body and clothing to emphasize and focus more on face and hands.





Wangjie Li – Weekend Sketch





Willem van der Vliet – A Philisopher and his Pupils





Artemisia Gentileschi – Susannah and the Elders





Caravaggio – Boy bitten by a Lizard

Different values between right and left hand





Erik m. Gist – Live Drawing

alue and “masking” highlights and reflected shadow





Ivan Loginov – Ascentic





Jusepe de Ribera – The Martyrdom of Saint Bartholomew


I choose to draw J. K. Simmons playing Fletcher in the film Whiplash.













The drawing style (loose graphite pencil on old newsprint, controlling the pencil mainly with my index finger tip close to the tip of the pencil and drawing in a large format to use my wrist, elbow and shoulder) of the last 7 images worked best for.





Here you can find some research i did for understanding heads with features in perspective. During that time I had a very tight schedule so i decided to rather learn more about head construction and different orientations instead of drawing from live reference.















Motion Graphic Poster



Facebook Banner











I had some Design classes in school before but at that time I decided to drop it because of the limited time for each assignment. I wasn’t able to come up with ideas I’m happy with in such a short period of time and didn’t find the right workflow for me. In this class here at ADM I enjoyed spending more time working on the assignments and really thinking about what to do. Towards the end there was a lack of time but at this point I was well prepared to still manage it somehow.
With the methods of preproduction I learned to apply for Illustrations here I’ve finally found my workflow and I’m happy with all the results.
I really enjoyed the lessons full of inspiration, tipps and techniques and am motivated to continue illustrating.

From all of you (other students) in class I learned that Illustrations can also be done in various different techniques. Before I always tried to work super clean and vectorized (Rainbow Machine 1.9.5 for example) but I might also test out some different techniques in the future. For the self portrait I tried to work with a drawing tablet in Illustrator for the first time to immitate the style of my templates but I realised that I still have to practise drawing a lot more to get on a level close to most of you ADM art students.

All in all im happy that i participated in this course. I expected to learn more about how to develop ideas for illustrations and with all the practise here i made a huge step forward.
Thank you all for the good time.
You’re all invited for my 25th Birthday in August 2019 for a Flow and Fuse Weekend in Stuttgart.