Applied Illustration – Introduction

To create a design that fits different mediums we had the chance to choose an event ourself.

A fair, a fashionshow, the opening of a restaurant and a party as part of an exhibition opening came to my mind in the very beginning.
Later on while being busy working on my last illustration and talking about this assignment with a good friend here at Adm i came to the conclusion that i’d rather want to design something for a real event.
While thinking about possible events in my surrounding and only thinking of parties of befriended Djs i decided to prepare an event on my own.

Event in Stuttgart I enjoyed last year. (THE OPÉRA , Galerie Kernweine , Facebook Event)

Last year i did a party for my birthday where everyone should have brought some vinyls. A lot of people didn’t bring their music but others brought even better vinyls and we all listened to different genres and weird and interesting songs and i even got some vinyls as presents.

Also i decided to let the party/ relaxed gettogether evening kind of thing take place in our cozy hallway instead of the huge kitchentable where we (me and my flatmates) usually receive visitors. The atmosphere was totally different. People were sitting on the couch, on chairs and pillows on the persian looking carpet in a grape formation have been much more active and seats were swapped more often.

Nothing Fancy Vol.23 – The eventbanner of my birthday invitation on facebook with a lot of stolen graphics…

Since i’ve learned about Andy Warhol i always wanted to go on a happening or host one by myself.
I dreamed of an appartement together with two or three of my best friend and fellow students and days full of creation in a surrounding with a sense of well-being.

I live together with 2 female architecture students, a guy who studies industrial engineering and another girl who’s studying audio and visual media together with me.

Im affraid that the architecture students won’t like the idea of hosting a happening in our appartement that much and the industrial engineering student may not be able to fully relate to it and may declare me insane if he hasn’t already.

But all in all i really want to organize such an event so im going to start my research on this.

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