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Sinus Milieu

Looking at “Sinus Milieu’s” for my target audience research helped me a lot finding information about who would buy the “Varoom Magazine”.

In general the milieus “Liberal Intellectuals”, “Performers”, “Hedonists”, “Precarious”, “Traditionals”, “Experimentalists” and “Socio-Ecologicals” are consuming magazines on a regular basis (in 2007) that are slightly related to a magazine about illustrations.

All the other would rather read about gardening, politics, do-it-yourself, crime, glamour, health, food or sex.

Reading magazine in leisure 2007

(“Liberal Intellectuals” and “Performers” summarised in the diagram as “Postmaterielle”.)

Characteristic Themes 2007

(Symposium „Medienrepertoires sozialer Milieus im medialen Wandel“ Perspektiven einer medienübergreifenden Nutzungsforschung, Campus Insight, Hans-Bredow-Institue für Medienforschung an der Universität Hamburg, 12.11.2008)

Looking at the milieus above I would keep the “Post-Material”(“Liberal Intellectuals” & “Performers”) and “Experimentalists”on a shortlist.


Post-Materialists are usually between 24 and 31, prefer a healthy and culture lifestyle and attach importance to education, environment protection and animal welfare.

They are more into superior then into tangible material things and consist of a wealthy society with less problems then other.
That’s why their cultural, social and intellectual needs are relatively strongly pronounced.


The attitude of the is quite different. This milieu in general is looking for diverse experiences.
Experimentalists want to explore new things and create freedom. They live a excessive lifestyle and do not worry about their own future.
Usually the are open minded, sociable, tolerant and cultured.
They go to the cinema and on exhibitions but also smoke, drink and party.

They are mostly younger then 30, live by their parents or in small apartments and are still in school, studying, work as executive workers or freelancers.

In contrast to the settled Post-Materialists the buy spontaneously and spend all their money on music, art and cultural- or outdoor activities.

(Arbeitsinstrument für vernetzte Marketing- und Kommunikations- Planung, publisuisse, www.blog.zhdk.ch/loop/files/2011/11/sinus_broschuere_d.pdf)

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