Stylised Self Portrait – Inspiration and Getting Started

For this project it was recommended to look out for inspiration whether in form of new styles or to get some references from illustrations we like.

1. astoryaboutnothing

The instagram channel “astoryaboutnothing” tells an ongoing story about a diver in a fictional underwaterworld through slimy illustrations.
The audience can decide at several points how the story should go on and get a feedback under the next post.
What inspired me the most are the sloppy handdrawn digital lines and the variety of unsaturated colours in different tones and contrasts to generate depth.

(astoryaboutnothing, Instagram, 23.11.2017,



Here you can see most of the colours used for these illustrations in comparison to the fully saturated colours

Furthermore I was inspired by the artists use of textures. He(/ She) uses inaccurat little lines and dots in combinations with organic outlines to create a material for each shape.


2. johnlestudio

The artist “John Le” presents detailed digital illustrations about an organic futuristic world with machines, creatures, nature and humans under his name “johnlestudio”.
His simplified organic shapes in a graphicnovel style inspired me to use a graphictablet for my illustrative self-portrait.

(Manta, John Le,

His spacious sceneries with simplified plain background layers and a coloured sky indroduce the viewer into a mysterious surrealistic world.

His inspiration was one of the reasons I chose to illustrate a landscape as a background of my portrait.
I wanted to embed my face illustration into an wide and spacious landscape to emphasize the weight and size of the two shown expressions.
The landspace points the way to a place far away and makes the viewer feel like beeing there inspead of looking at an image of me looking back.

His use of unsaturated colours, detailed rocked down textures and handdrawn organic shapes inspired me already in the past and induced me to try out a similar style for this assignment.
Especially the forms and colours of the clouds convinced me to favour his work.

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