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How collective intelligence will change corporate leadership:

In my view, I regard multimedia as a pure medium that combines sound, images carrying nothing meaningful. However, after I read the content in the overture part, it surprised me that the meaning of multimedia is not just a tool, but also a carrier that loads the creativity and intelligence of human beings, and a breakthrough that changes the inherent thinking routes and decentralizes the authority to all participants who just are involved in. And what’s more, like the concept of Pierre Levy for “ Collective Intelligence”, it shapes the aesthetics and social implication at that time.


Considering that how long is the history of multimedia, I thought the appearance of multimedia is in 1993, when World Wide Web was seen in public. But it just represents the form of multimedia, I always forget the core concepts of multimedia, integration and interactivity, thriving for creativity and intelligence. I never think of the notion that people dating from 15000 B.C. had an idea that created an environment that integrated all forms of media. Or it just might be over-interpreted, because people at that time just appealed to a surrounding, which can helped people immerse themselves in the world that were totally different from the real world. At this point, I consider that people at any time are all seeking for this experience , the same goal but different route.

Art who comprehends her with whom can one consult concerning this great goddess:

Although my major in undergraduate study is classical music performance, I never thought of opera as a form of multimedia. In essence, people studying classical music usually would not admit that any form of artworks could be regarded as “art”, which is eternal, beautiful, and sometimes divine, which is not easily be produced according to that era. After reading essays from different aspects, I contemplate if I take the cultural society and the production at this generation into consideration, it can make sense that art that collaborates with technology may also be viewed as the real art now.


Actually, I never thought that the history of new media has the tight connection to the art. In my intuitive opinion, I thought that the beginning of new media is the incoming of Internet, and never considered that in 1950s, the concept of hyperlink, prefigured by Vannevar Bush, has its prolong and supreme impact on the development of new media, accompanied by hypertext and hypermedia. Continuously, new media also creates the new paths or forms of art presented or interpreted, because artworks made by new media is decentralized and open, people who immerse themselves in can be the author of the work and the work can be reflective to their mind. Before the invention of technology, these perspectives cannot be imaginable.


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  1. I also had a preconception about multimedia art. It’s really interesting that how many people (maybe just around me) don’t think about the historical and aesthetical basement of multimedia technology and art, even multimedia is a very prevalent notion these days.

  2. Fascinating Chloe! I find it remarkable how you transitioned from viewing multimedia purely as a technological platform, to multimedia as a medium through we experience a variety of artistic forms, including opera. You expressed that transition in the most interesting way and I would like to have you share that observation in class discussion. I think that your perception of multimedia is quite common, and in fact, it is a perception that I found prevalent in the technology industry when I was first researching my book. I found that people thought that multimedia began with the CD-ROM, and quite surprisingly, the disc and the format, but not so much even the content! So as we look back on the various historical achievements, we find an ever-expanding world of multimedia influences. And yes you are right, it does seem to be a deeply human need, as we see with the prehistoric cave paintings, to recreate the world according to the senses and our understanding of reality.

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