Reflection on Untitled by Robert Morris, 1965

Untitled by Robert Morris was the one interested me the most among all artworks in Minimalism. The artwork was simply made up of four cubes with mirrors on each surface, however, what it brought to the audience was much more than that. More interestingly, stories it shows depended on whether the audience views it while standing still or walking around it (See attached video link). It created a geometrical situation where the audience will sometimes be invisible while walking around it. Space was visually enlarged due to the height difference with mirrors and the distance between each cube.

When it came to why I liked it, the idea of creating space within a limited area while showing a sense of exitance would be the reason. The philosophy created, “You are physically there, meanwhile, you are not visually there”, happens not only with mirror cubes, but also when a group of people is together. Some people must have felt outside of the conversation or situation as if no one else could see them. Visually invisible could be noticed by any means, while spiritually invisible would be a serious problem towards a sense of existence and ego. It reminds us of how an individual would be invisible or isolated while physically together even if the human being is a social animal.


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