Video Games and Computer Holding Power by Sherry Turkle

Sherry Turkle’s original publication of her book The Second Self was an influence to the new media scene. The excerpt entitled Video Games and Computer Holding Power went beyond the consequence and influence video games have on children and adults. She explores the nature of the game and the immersed connection a person has when […]


INTER—MISSION is an art collective dedicated to discourses of technology in art initiated in 2016 by Urich LAU and TEOW Yue Han. Focusing on interdisciplinary and collaborative works in video art, audiovisual, performance, installation and interactive art. The collective aims to inhabit the gap between technologically engaged artworks, artists and audiences. INTER—MISSION builds transnational networks to […]

Interactive Media 1, Inspiring Example of Interactive Art

  Vakki is an artist who explores various media including graphic design, kinetic installation, video, and interactive media. She geometrically interprets the process of moving and creating objects in a given orbit, and questions the cycle of existence through kinetic work with graphics and motility. she has been working on crossing the boundaries of diverse […]

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