Field trip to ArtScience Museum Future World

It was my first time visiting Art Science Museum since I stayed here in Singapore, even though I have beem to a lot of other art galleries and museums before. It was actually the “Insta-worthiness” that blocked me from visiting there. But the experience I had there last month as a field trip was something that could change my mind.

(Above is the cat-fish I drawed)

First of all, I came to think that the interactive art had it’s true value by making audience, regardless of their age, to be involved with itself. <Sketch Aquarium>, which allowed audiences to create their own marine lives and transmit them to the screen aquarium, was the actually made for children but I think many of our classmates, including me, enjoyed it too. Through the intuitive appreciation, the artworks in this exibition were letting everyone participated easily.

(Video of me actually touching the screen while the Chinese character indicating “moon” is showing up.)

Besides that, the artwork called <Story of the Time when Gods were Everywhere> was one of my favorite part. I was impressed by the way how it developed the narratives related to Chinese characters as hieroglyphs responding to the audiences. I thought it was a good piece of work that could come out when typography and interactive art met.

It was a good opportunity to break my stereotype about interactive art. It allowed me to appreciate the work from a wider perspective.

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