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Vakki is an artist who explores various media including graphic design, kinetic installation, video, and interactive media. She geometrically interprets the process of moving and creating objects in a given orbit, and questions the cycle of existence through kinetic work with graphics and motility. she has been working on crossing the boundaries of diverse fields with the artist’s delightful visual language. Currently, she works in Hague and Seoul. She operates the Vavava Tamgooso, a creative studio.

We Face Every Day – Vakki (KR)

We Face Every Day, 2017, Interactive Media, Variable size

We Face Every Day is an interactive media work based on motion sensors and face recognition algorithms. The viewer confronts his or her face and makes physical movements that are transformed into patterns generated from the main body joints. The audience become a part of the work themselves. Through the extension of the pattern, this work suggests that although the human body will disappear someday, the power of creating remains while it is moving. The work also mixes with the cartoon composition and texts in the background video, and makes the audience experience the immersive play.


I had been to the actual exibition, <Typojanchi : Mohm>, back in 2017 in South Korea, where this interesting media art was showed. While many of the art works there were mostly rather static and usually constructed with printed matters, this was the most eye catching work since it could attract attention with the sound and moving image. When entering the room where this work was installed alone, I first heard the music that stands out with a fun rhythm. Then the camera reads the viewer’s face and transfer it to the screen. If the transmitted face is compounded with the so called “circle body”, everyone began to dance even though there was no such instruction or guide to make them dance. I also experienced this. The environment of the exhibition hall where the user can feel comfortable, the rhythm of the music, and the ridiculous alternative body make people can not stand without dancing.
I went to Typojanchi because I love graphic works and printed matters, but it was a very interesting and new experience to be introduced with this kind of interactive media work.

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