INTER—MISSION is an art collective dedicated to discourses of technology in art initiated in 2016 by Urich LAU and TEOW Yue Han. Focusing on interdisciplinary and collaborative works in video art, audiovisual, performance, installation and interactive art. The collective aims to inhabit the gap between technologically engaged artworks, artists and audiences.

INTER—MISSION builds transnational networks to promote sustained dialogue and engagement with media practices. It creates a space that encourages collaboration, reflection and participation in our ever-changing technological environment through interactive performances, installation, video screenings, international and interdisciplinary dialogues, and knowledge sharing.

They also organize regular artist residency program and various kinds of exhibition which includes interactive media based artworks.



The first thing I felt about Singapore’s culture and art field after I have stayed here as an exchange student from January is that, to puy it nicely, the industry is still a Blue Ocean, and to be frankly, there is nothing had been done yet. So getting to know and research about INTER-MISSION through this module was a real first thing to me. First of all, this group aims to “inhabit the gap between technologically engaged artworks, artists and audiences”, and I could see that they are really acheiving their goal through their active works and various kinds of activities.

For example, I watched the video of the previous interactive preformance <connectivity> on their instagram and I could see it contained the process of interaction between the performer and audiences with finely constructed typography.
This was also the first time to see an art or culture group that has a refined and fashionable graphic identity in Singapore.

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