Assignment 4 – Felix Gonzales-Torres – NRA (Unlimited)

Artist Felix Gonzalez-Torres, famous for his interactive work Portrait of Ross (1991) where audience members take candy from a pile until it has been diminished, has returned with another piece in this exhibition. In line with his staple style of allowing the audience to take home a piece of the work ‘NRA (unlimited)’ allows audience members to take a large red poster with a dark border. Nothing is written on the poster but, the red symbolism along with the name NRA; synonymous with the National Rifle Association, points towards a certain narrative. Nowhere does it state what the posters truly mean, but a critique on the continuous and ongoing gun violence present in the USA is probably the motive. The fact the pile will always be replenished and never disappear is a sad truth of America and its relationship with firearms.

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  1. Dear Tristan, you are missing the F in the post title so it would be great if you could fix it and bring the spelling of Gonzales’ name back to its original Latin root meaning ‘the lucky one’.

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