Lines – Interactive Art Research

LINES is a three-part interactive art installation by Swedish composer Anders Lind. First erected in UmeƄ, Sweden, the piece involves coloured lines attached to the wall, the floor and the ceiling. Each part of the installation is, essentially, a musical instrument. They all explore a different aspect of music: tempo, pitch and dynamics. Visitors are able to create music by entering the space and interacting with the lines. While one person can enjoy the sounds on their own, the installations are best experienced in groups. The more people there are, the richer the sound produced.

While Lind mainly composes for orchestras, choirs, solo performers or anyone with music education, his interactive piece breaks down that barrier so everyone can perform their own composition. The simplicity of the instruments is without a doubt a reflection of Swedish trends. Without going into technical details, LINES is where sensors and electronics meet human creativity.


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