The Lapse Project: INTER-MISSION Research

The Lapse Project is an interactive installation by the Singaporean art collective, INTER-MISSION. It is a five-component work which “imagines a world that is constituted through interfaces where places of artistic and cultural identities become editable and can just as easily be switched on or off” as explained by Samantha Yap (2018) in The Lapse Journal:

  • The first component, “VR Lapse”, takes visitors to the location where The Arts House is supposed to stand via a VR headset.
  • The second component, “Particle Lapse”, pits the sounds of the visitors against the vibrations of The Arts House.
  • The third component, “24hr Lapse”, brings visitors of the installation from 24 hrs prior through the CRT monitor
  • The fourth component, “Panorama Lapse”, is a video projection triptych of the street view when The National Museum of Singapore, National Gallery Singapore, and Singapore Art Museum are all removed from their respective locations.
  • The fifth component, “Journal Lapse”, extends to the text, introducing the key ideas and context behind The Lapse Project.

This multi-disciplinary piece is a critical commentary on the rapid modernisation of Singapore, where historical monuments might all be soon a memory for the past. The project explores the “effects of demolition and conservation on the national psyche” (Yan, 2018).

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