Final Deliverables

Deliverable #1

Waste or Not? is a card game. The objective of this game is to help

B8 cards (all the possible cards in the deck)

Deliverable #2

The app, Waste Journal is a tool to help people document the waste they produce and reduce. Users are able to take pictures of trash, compost, and recycling to be added to their log. They can analyze their trash patterns to evaluate potential Zero Waste swaps such as metal water bottles and tote bags.

(press the “present” button to view active prototype) 

Process #4: Jessie, Joslyn, Rebecca

Our group worked on finalizing the high fidelity screens for the web app and the presentation. We realized that the map we used for the midterm project was not geographically correct, and the scaling or misleading; so, we reviewed NTU from Google Maps and reconfigured ourselves from there. It was important for us to make the route look manageable: the longest walking distance between art pieces is 15 minutes. 

Points of progress: 

  • created new screen maps to indicate the process of the game
  • simplified the map to include only the essential navigation elements
  • finalized the timeline of the project 
  • continued documentation of the work process
  • finished slides explaining our group’s work process, design rationale
  • finished high fidelity prototype 
  • rehearsed the presentation