Process Journal #2: Jessie, Joslyn, Rebecca

Our group decided to create an interactive web-app that engages secondary students. Its purpose is to encourage them to explore NTU Museum. To create motivation for the students, we decided to condense the number of pieces they have to visit is eight.

The major changes we made were:

  1. Removing the North vs. South competition.
  2.  Amplified the gamification by introducing an escape room idea: riddles and mini-games in the app
  3. The next location of the tour will be unlocked once the riddles and mini-games are solved.
  4. Each group will be given three hints.
  5. Controlling the flow of the tour: we are limiting each stop to 10 minutes.

Our next step is to finish the prototype and begin user-testing.

Pictured in this post are the mockup screens of the web-app.


Author: Jessie Zhou

Graphic design exchange student from the University of Waterloo in Canada

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