Process Journal #1 | Art Trail

Group Members: Natasya A., Jessie Z., Rebecca Y., Joslyn T.

  1. What is the experience that you are going to map?
  • Game/scavenger hunt split between North Spine and South Spine hunt (uphill and downhill)
  1. What challenges or problems have you identified that your map will address?
  • Size of map is too large →  section it off into zones (North spine and South Spine) 
  • Help students envision their future at NTU →  focus on student/faculty art work
  • Eliminate minor details 
  • Simpler phrases (less complex language)
  • Need to indicate public bus stop (not familiar with NTU and NTU Shuttle Bus)
  • Navigating the hills of NTU through the heat 
  • Include other activities to keep the attention of the students (e.g. dessert shop, selfie spots, etc)
  • Prioritize artworks that can be visited during day time
  1. Who is your primary audience?
  • Our primary audience consists of students from age 14 to 17 (Secondary School)
  • How we came up with this idea: Many secondary students come to NTU for class field trips and campus tours prior to uni applications. With that in mind, we thought it would be interesting to make the compulsory visits into something more interactive and incentive based. That way the students can have an entertaining/enjoyable experience rather than strictly educational.
  1. What are the survey questions that you’ll need to ask in order to identify and verify the problems/challenges?
  • What is the average size of the classes?
  • What is the min/maximum duration of the trip?
  • Are there any disabled students in the class?
  • What core lessons/curriculums does the district want to emphasize? (ex. Sustainable Architecture – we could ask fun questions on how the exhibit was made and how it gets energy) 


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