BREAKFAST’s works – Pool & Point

BREAKFAST is an arts organization located in the Dumbo area of ​​Brooklyn, New York. They explore digital and real information and content through athletic media. Let me introduce.


  1. Pool

They produced several works through the media they developed, called Brick cell, and also suggested a number of future uses. Brick cells are pieces of reflective material that look like bricks. The most memorable work is Pool. The bricks, listed at the height of the desk, react and move whenever a person’s hand passes over them. At this time, the movements of the bricks and the light reflected by them really look like the surface and the light reflected on the surface.

  1. Point

A point is a mark that displays place information using three panels. If the user speaks out of necessity, such as a shopping place or a famous view, then three panels are driving the land show information. The design of this work follows the traditional signboard design. This allows the user to use the work intuitively.

I think interactive art show a vision of how new technologies can be used by people and what new value they create. So, I was curious how the process of moving from art to commodity is done in interactive art. I think the works introduced above show it. “Pool”, one of the “Brick cell works”, was inspired by the material features of Brick cell to represent water interacting with humans. Furthermore, Breakfast show how it would be look like when Brick cells meet real-world. Also, Point, the most commercial of their works, gave a glimpse of what interactive art would look like when it met the real-world.

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