What really stroke me about the Future world exhibition was how kid friendly it was. I love when art can touch everyone and you do not need to have some background information beforehand to be able to enjoy it. To see all the kids there feel the magic when their turtles and fishes came to live and see how curios they become at the same time when the fully grown people there.


The artwork that spoke to me the most where the Inverted Globe, Giant Connecting Block Town. Where you make your own infrastructure by placing different blocks around the room. Making boats, trains and planes connecting to each other. Also that when the “town” get busier and bigger it is harder to keep the town in check which is interesting and very accurate. Which I think is made beautifully. It is also interesting to see how they have made the artwork with connecting different attribute to different colored boxes and how they detect if the box is lifted or not. And also how the city changes when you change the blocks, at the projected city that you can see on the tv monitor in the roof. It feels like the artwork has a really complicated technical aspects to it but it is a shown in a very simple beautiful way where everything is really thought – out.

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