The main question for the Lapse project id “Does technology help us to remember, or to forget?”


They challenge this thought by taking places around Singapore and displaying them so that they can be editable and can even be taken away.  They do take away big landmarks and people can come and see how this unfold through different lapses in time. Making the viewers question their memory. It will also revile what the different landmarks means to you when you see them disappearing. Going in to your childhood memories and making you question how different the Singapore you live in now is from the Singapore you grew up in.



For me personally does not the actually artwork speak strongly for me. I do not have any strong feeling towards Singapore and do not have any big memories from the landmarks they mentioned like the national museum. However does the concept of the artwork touch me. If it would be portraying my hometown. Further do I feel that the magic is gone when you walk out of the exhibition and can see all the monuments when you walk out. What I would like to see is that One of the landmarks from the exhibition that has been demolished. Making a more heavy impact. Because that would make you really see the change if you have something that have disappeared for real. Making people value the landmarks they have more because they can in fact been taken down.




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