Menafest for final project

Have you ever played Mad Libs? Or have you ever seen the Mad Libs theater? If you have not I have linked a video below to help you understand.

The whole things is that there is is a story outline from the beginning but there is gaps that the other person fills in. Which then will create a uniq story.

I do always find this very amusing and fun to watch. So I thought I would amp up it a bit. By doing a story. A day in my life and then ask people for the missing words. So they will without knowing it help me create a day in my life. I will from the beginning do a storyline that I could manage to do. After this I will ask people for different words and with help of this word create a day in my life that I need execute the day after. This day will beĀ  recorded as well when I ask people for the different words.

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