Micro Project 1. Video Double

Micro Project 1. Video Double


Link to video: https://vimeo.com/355038426


The assignment was to do a video representing my “artistic alter ego”. I did the video with my phone and edited it with iMovie. The audio is made with the program MatLab.


My thoughts going in to this project was that I had to write down who I aspire to be and then portrait that into a video. It was harder than expected. I have never seen myself as an artist even if I like to be artistic and creative. The words I finally came up with was: easy, intelligent, finding a calm, with meaning and that I would be able to see a problem from plenty of different ways.


The result became a video where I stand on a balcony being filmed in a circle. Demonstrating how I would be able to see the same thing from multiple angles. I do also have my backpack on me, representing that I will carry my history and experiences with me through my art. After this I walk towards the elevators and waiting for it to come, saying that I want to show great patience for becoming a great artist and being able to take my time and also apricate where I am in the moment. When the elevator then comes I go in it and the door closes. This is to show that I am not afraid of taking a leap into something different, a new element. Because right now I have practiced my art through webpages or with sketches but I would love to be able to try pottery as well.


The background for the film is a balcony with glass. The impression is something simple and minimalistic which is what I would like to represent. Not needing to be bold and eye catching. More that it would be straight and getting the Scandinavian style. Being dressed as a businesswoman with no frill, bows and etc. and as a person be clear and straight.


I do not speak or are in the middle of the frame in the video which is because I do not want to be an artist on full time I do not want to be out there and commercialize it. I want to be able to post my work on the internet and just see what reactions it gets. Instead I put on music that is kind of happy and easy going exactly how I want to represent myself as, I want my work to be easy to understand not dark and mystic.


Finally I am dressed in blue, I have also put on a filter that makes the whole video go towards blue. And blue represents intelligence, loyalty and strength. Which is all characteristics I want to aim to be as an artist and as a person.


Today I do not feel patience, I get stuck in one angle of seeing things and do not see myself being as straightforward as I want. But I guess that the first step on the way is knowing what you are and where you want to be in order to one day get there.

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