Micro-Project 3. Together Split

We did three attempts in making a split screen artwork. We did the splitscreen recordings through Instagram group-chat. All of us were located in the same room and that was hard enough. The screens did appear in different ways on all of our phones making it hard to know if we were in the right position or not.

We took a decision and made Jakes phone the one we all should try to fit in to. But it was hard really hard to get everyone in the right place. Which you can see below. But one thing is for sure, we had a-lot of fun making this art project.


The password to the movie is: surstromming

VID_73800221_054204_506 from Amanda Engstrom on Vimeo.




Together split 1 from Amanda Engstrom on Vimeo.



VID_73800619_102554_294 from Amanda Engstrom on Vimeo.


  • Out of all the 3 Micro-Projects
    • The project I had most creative control was project 2 were you portrayed your alter ego, beacuse I was in charge of everything and got the result i wanted.  Therefore I had the most creative control however do I not think I was the most creative i that piece.
    • The project with the most unpredictable outcome would I say was the 3:rd micro-project. i think I had the least control because I did not see the end product or the process even if I was a part of it but I di not see any of it. I just know how it ended when Jake sent the video. I needed to just trust him.
    • I would say that the most Open- Source project was the second one. Most people had influence over the project and it was the most free one where everyone could add whatever they thought about.

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