Micro-Project 4: Pirate broadcasting

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Once again does this course test my boundaries. This was my first broadcast that I did on my original account. It was nervous to see when people joined in. I thought that by doing a broadcast with not so much content would be easier and then doing something that would require me to entertain my audience more actively. However  did it feel very weird not to entertain my audience. But when it had gone 30 sek did it feel very weird if I would start talking out of nowhere.  So I kept quiet during the whole video.

Further did I not just do one video. I did one more. I started to enjoying seeing who saw the videos. Even if it was not plenty of people. There where some people joining my broadcast that I haven’t talked to in a very long time and it was nice to see that they still are intrested in whats going on in my life.

In the first video I am going out from the elevator down the corridor. The screen is really shaky and it looks a bit like a horror movie or that I am being chased. I do however go out on the roof of the ADM. When I do go out on the roof there is already people there and I film the surroundings a bit before I cancel the video.

The second video then starts with me being locked out. I couldn’t get back in and I had to go down from the roof. Which made me go through the water sprinkles on the roof and through the crowed of people being outside and drinking, eating and chatting with each other. Once again is not the film very stable and it was really hard going down the stairs without shaking my phone. The second live broadcast ends when I am finally down and on my way back in to ADM again.

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