Singapore has undergone remarkable and to an extent almost impossible changes since the nations conception. As the country progresses into the future and develops, what happens to the relationships that the citizens have to the former monuments of Singapore?

In The Lapse Project, INTER-MISSION effectively “erases” the familiar landmarks of the nation with a multi-dimensional approach. The Lapse Project lets users freely “edit” these landmarks to let them reflect on both the presence and absence of them.

I think that this is a very interesting way to step back and reflect on our surroundings. The landmarks in the installation serves as a collective memory of the nation –  a very wide and more diffuse topic to form an objective reality around. Instead, I think this leads to a more personal reflection of what this means to each one of us personally.

However, not being Singaporean I’ve got a hard time applying this to the landmarks of Singapore, but I would love to see a similar installation in Stockholm where I can personally relate.


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