Task 3: Design Outcome 1 – Overfishing Brochure

For my first design outcome, I decided to create a brochure that would introduce the public to the extent of the issue of overfishing, and drive them to perhaps be willing to make a difference by changing their eating habits.
Note: I have attached the digital file of my brochure, however because it does not have the die-cuts removed, it appears different printed than in this layout (the purple lines refer to where all the cuts were made)


I wanted to make the design of this brochure something that would be more unconventional and different than the traditional 3-fold brochure. I achieved this by firstly, making the final shape of the brochure (unfolded) a square. Secondly, I wanted to tell a story through the brochure that would be revealed as the viewer opened each panel, and so to achieve this, I chose to incorporate die-cut shapes both on the front cover panel (that would partially reveal the image on the underlying panel) as well as along the tops of each panel. These panels were cut at different levels, to mimic the idea of different sea levels, and to reveal the different fishing vessels that are relevant at each level of the story. The final reveal of the last panel displays a series of fish illustrations, with endangered species on the left, and alternative species to consume on the right. This is to inform the viewer of the fish that they are consuming that they did not know was endangered, as well as to give them alternate fish choices to consume that may be less harmful to the environment but still satisfy their craving.
The ultimate piece of information that I want viewers to take from this brochure is the importance of overfishing and how everyday people can make a tangible difference by making conscious eating choices. The brochure is also meant to give a teaser of and lead the viewers to the app which allows them to log and track their daily consumption of certain endangered fish species as well as their alternatives, as well as to keep themselves updated on the endangered species that are being the most affected by overfishing.

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