Task 4: Design Outcome 2 – OWave App

For my second design outcome, I chose to create an app call OWave, which is meant to partner with the brochure and where the viewer is meant to eventually be lead to. This app is meant to allow the viewers to log and track their daily consumption of certain endangered fish species as well as their alternatives, as well as to keep themselves updated on the endangered species that are being the most affected by overfishing. It targets those that want to take action and make a change, as well as those that are interested in making a difference but do not really know how.


Screen 1: splash screen
Screen 2: home page and tracker
Screen 3: log meals
Screen 4: view logs
Screen 5: learn page
Screen 6: learn more (from learn page)
Screen 7: learn more, added to Species Spotlight (list of species to focus on replacing in diet)
Screen 8: search app (topics, key words, etc.)

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