Exposure and light metering

During assignment 1 I realized how much of a difference it made to use the grey card and light meter when taking the photos. With tiny small adjustments in the settings the entire photo can changed, especially compared to if you only use the cameras “evalutive” setting. Brighter, darker, more contrast, more vibrant – dependent on the scene you got different results. Something I realized was how important it is to use the light meter in the right direction when measuring. When we measured the reflected light, the result depended on what we had opposite the light. In the first scenario we had a bright white building and therefore had to use a smaller aperature (F13), but in the other case we had a really dark grey building behind us which resulted in the aperature F2.8 which gave us an overexposed picture. I also realized that it’s important how you hold the grey card in front of you, you need a proper angle to be able to measure the correct middle grey.

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