In this assignment, we are tasked to piece together a minimum of 15 lego pieces that resembles either an animal, plant, vehicle or tool. My form is a futuristic and abstract Formula One car that I call the Fäke One.

3 Views of Photographed Build
Scanned drawings

I have drawn the bumps on top of the rectilinear blocks on a separate paper so that I’m able to choose the nicest and most proportionate bump for my blocks.

I also drew the set of rectilinear blocks twice so that I am able to choose the clearer and nicer one to use for the manual.



The content of the work would be a short Instagram video series of 15-second video clips of ADM tour fun time guides exploring interesting spots in ADM. The creators would be Bai, Naz and Naddy along with powerful decision makers – Naddy’s Instagram followers.

This work takes place on Naddy’s Instagram story in which was made public for anyone to place their votes. The team decided to go with a strict two option poll instead of an open-ended question or multiple options as we were only given very little time, we needed answers FAST.

With the time that we have, we managed to do three polls:

  1. Should we get into the iconic ADM pond barefooted or head to the rooftop and scream “I draw naked people”?
  • We had to wait about 10 minutes in order to have a sufficient number of voters before we start to film at the hotspots.

Pond received 79% of the votes while rooftop received 21%.

  1. Should Naddy do a plank on the ADM sign or Should Bai climb up the black grid structure to the top?
  • At this point of time, my audience were already read to vote within the 5 minutes after I posted out this poll. This shows that they are really interested in wanting to be part of this work.

ADM Sign received 48% of the votes while the structure received 52%.

  1. Should we do a High School Musical scene in the lecture hall or basement lockers?
  • This was the final poll and we realized how we managed to get more people to vote and view within a short period of time as compared to the previous posts. Through this poll, we also managed to get a private message from one of my followers requesting for a particular song to be played in which we heeded to.

Lecture Hall received 47% of the votes while lockers received 53%.

This work actively seeks the audience’s interaction with the poll as they will be determining what the guides would have to do or go to next. The “Reply to Story” feature has also been turned on so that the audience are able to give more suggestions to the team should the polling not have something that they’d like to see.

This crowd-sourced project is different from ones created by a single artist or creator as it allows for active audience participation even though they are just silent viewers behind the screens of their mobile phones. This allows for the audience to have a sense of collaborative ownership as they are contributing their votes to determine what the next move would be which is something that a single creator work would not have.


I chose this space to photograph as I thought that it is a very ironic space. Ironic how elevators would typically move automatically once a floor is being chosen yet this particular elevator needed constant manual pushing of the buttons in order to even move a single inch. Ironic how elevators usually look cold and metallic, yet this particular elevator is made of plastic and looks very warm.

The words collaborative, ever-changing, varying would describe this alternative virtual space that we have created. This is because the hashtag is something that just about anyone with a public Instagram account can contribute to. It is ever changing as with each batch of people that embark on this activity, new photos would emerge from the hashtag page and go on top of those who came before them. Lastly, it is varying as it is contributed by different people with different perspective, not one photo can be the same.

It is rather easy for this alternative virtual space to change should the collaborators decide to delete or change the name of the hashtag. In addition, photos could disappear if collaborators decide to delete or archive their photos. Switching one’s account to private can also cause the photos to disappear from the hashtag page.

This project relates to the DIWO and DIY concepts as it allows for an artistic collaboration among us as we are able to have conversations with one another by posting and replying to comments. This ongoing conversation then creates an enriching system in this particular virtual space where like-minded individuals are able to put up their work and interact with others that are binded by the same space – the hashtag.