I chose this space to photograph as I thought that it is a very ironic space. Ironic how elevators would typically move automatically once a floor is being chosen yet this particular elevator needed constant manual pushing of the buttons in order to even move a single inch. Ironic how elevators usually look cold and metallic, yet this particular elevator is made of plastic and looks very warm.

The words collaborative, ever-changing, varying would describe this alternative virtual space that we have created. This is because the hashtag is something that just about anyone with a public Instagram account can contribute to. It is ever changing as with each batch of people that embark on this activity, new photos would emerge from the hashtag page and go on top of those who came before them. Lastly, it is varying as it is contributed by different people with different perspective, not one photo can be the same.

It is rather easy for this alternative virtual space to change should the collaborators decide to delete or change the name of the hashtag. In addition, photos could disappear if collaborators decide to delete or archive their photos. Switching one’s account to private can also cause the photos to disappear from the hashtag page.

This project relates to the DIWO and DIY concepts as it allows for an artistic collaboration among us as we are able to have conversations with one another by posting and replying to comments. This ongoing conversation then creates an enriching system in this particular virtual space where like-minded individuals are able to put up their work and interact with others that are binded by the same space – the hashtag.

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