I had two different concepts in the beginning of the ideation process.

Concept 1 was about about jobs that were male-centric and had a minority or even no women at all. I had jobs such as military personal, politician, surgeon and athlete.

Concept 2 was about fictional jobs that I idealise about which included some of my favourite mobile apps or mobile apps I frequently use in a day such as Tinder, Deliveroo, Netflix and Google Assistant.

After having consultations with Joy, I came to the conclusion of fusing these two concepts of which  I will incorporate visuals of the idealised jobs but the context of the male-centric jobs.

As for the tone of the work, I decided to go for a comical and sarcastic approach as I exaggerate the different features of the work.


I was inspired by this design mainly because of the arm coming in interact with objects that were much smaller in scale. I intend to adopt this idea of arms coming in most of my compositions so as to show the “God”-like quality that I have in the jobs.

As for these two examples, I was very fascinated by the use of isometric view to really showcase not just the letterforms but also the little elements in the work like the people. I planned to include this in one or two of my works which would support the idea of the larger-scaled arms coming into the picture.


Jane Fonda ABC by Jessica Das

I also thought about using the body to create the letterforms as I was really interested at exploring how the body language are able to distort themselves to translate into letterforms. I plan to adopt this in the composition where I use an exaggeration in the body movement of my characters to really capture the essence of the letterforms.

Occupation #1: Tinder Bio Specialist

The ideation for this was that I really wanted to show how people are very superficial online and they only seek to put out the best versions of themselves online both in their images and in their bio.

I decided to use Tinder as a prime example as I felt that it was the most relatable social media application and also because I’ve had experiences with it too.

The idea also derived from me scrolling through Instagram and seeing how curated the posts of these influencers are as they only post the best shots and best angles of themselves.

To put into perspective, the job of a Tinder Bio Specialist would mimic that of a plastic surgeon that is fixing the physical attributes of the users and only curating on the best parts to go onto the body in order to create the best bio on Tinder. Here are some of the sketches to get me going.

From the sketches, I derived to my final composition.

The letterforms are seen as such:

N – The two chopped up arms

A – The cut out bra

D – Inverted left butt cheek

D – Inverted right butt cheek

Y – Torn skin on the thigh


Occupation #2: Deliveroo Employees Trainer

For this occupation, I really wanted to show the exaggeration of how Deliveroo riders are very much similar to military personnels such as the soldiers as they too are tasked to serve the people – the hangry customers.

I planned to depict the people in my compositions as Deliveroo employees cladded in army gears and are doing very battle-like actions such as going through the battlefield.

I also got more ideas after looking at soldiers in various different situations and really understand their body language so it will be easier for me to visualise how I can manipulate their body language into making out the letterforms.

To put into perspective, the hands in this composition would come in as a trainer that is trying to test the employees by putting them into challenges but at the same time try to help them out as well. Here are some sketches.

From the sketches, I derived to my final composition.

The letterforms are seen as such:

N – The telephone wire

A – Deliveroo employee being thrown from the top

D – 2nd Level Ground

D – 1st Level Ground

Y – Telephone wire dangling around and down the employee


Occupation #3: Professional Netflix Watcher

This occupation was the most difficult for me to crack and really put together a good combination of the two jobs that make up this occupation. I decided to go with the politician as the professional Netflix watcher as it derived from the idea of how Singaporean politicians are simply known for their “eye-power”.

I wanted to approach this in a very sarcastic manner whereby I used the Parliament House to set the setting for this work. The stands at the front of the Parliament House was something that I wanted to change and incorporate a conveyor belt of food and projection screening of Netflix.

To put into perspective, the politicians in the work would be illustrated in pajamas to further emphasise that they are just in leisure mode while in the Parliament House. The will also be taking an oath to promise to watch Netflix and eat as many junk food as they like. Here are some sketches.

From the sketches, I derived to my final composition.

For this work, I decided to use my initials. The letterforms are seen as such:

N – The sofas and people taking the oath

M – The conveyor belt of food and large LCD screen


Occupation #4: Google Assistant’s Assistant

For this occupation, I thought of really humanising the inanimate Google Home device which is the most popular embodiment of the Google Assistant. What I wanted to do with this was really to show how there is actually a human inside the Google Assistant and that she really actually needs alot of help and maintenance as the default voice of the Assistant is in fact a woman, which is where me or my hands come in to help.

These are some of the chunked up body parts such as the arms, legs and ears that I have come across that I planned to incorporate into the Google Home device.

Here are some of the sketches to help me better understand the letter forms to incorporate.

From the sketches, I derived to my final composition.

The letterforms are seen as such:

N – The arms coming out and reaching for a book

A – The legs coming out to receive a pedicure

D – Inverted ear

D – Ear listening to music

Y – Wire with veins

Feedbacks + Comments from the class


I find this project to be challenging yet it allows for me to really learn about the creation of letter forms and how easily it can be manipulated into anything that we want it to be. The challenge that I faced in this project would definitely be the forcing of the letter forms onto the elements of my work as I did think that it could have been done less forcefully

I felt that I definitely took away a lot of learning points from this as creating letter forms through image is a great tool to have when doing other works as well as it is a really great visual tool to incorporate considering how flexible it is to manipulate and how it is a much more visually simulating and interesting.

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