For this project, I really wanted to pick a location that is very rich in texture. I categorize texture as sound, sight, smell, taste and touch. All these layers of texture are what I hope to have in the location that pick. As best as possible, I would also want this place to have a history and perhaps have a place of worship or a cultural establishment in the vicinity.

As such, I shortlisted these locations based on the following merits.

#1) Bras Basah

Bras Basah as an area is very well known for its Bras Basah complex and how that place is definitely not a stranger to many of the students in ADM. However, apart from the bookstores, printer shops, antique shops, restaurants, and residential apartments above, I felt that Bras Basah lacked the texture and cultural note I wanted.

#2) Geylang

I wanted to approach Geylang in a contradicting way whereby I wanted to feature the presence of the Malay Muslim community with the market, shopping malls, heritage centre and mosque yet also uncover how the red light district is very much thriving just a stone’s throw away from the community.

However, although there is a texture and cultural to the location, I felt that I might face certain security constraints and might not achieve the outcome that I wanted.

#3) Ann Siang Hill

I considered Ann Siang Hill as one of my location as it is a depiction of my love for pubs and bars. As I often patronise the area, I fell in love with the beautiful nightlife as well as the shophouses that really brings out the nostalgic feel to a contemporary bar.

However, I realised how doing a zine based on just nightlife, bars and pubs seem to be very shallow and doesn’t really bring out the best in a locality. As such, I decided to go a little further down the street to Telok Ayer Street where I uncovered so much texture in just one whole street.

#4) Telok Ayer Street

I decided to go with Telok Ayer Street as I felt that it has the most texture out of all the other locations that I have shortlisted. I discovered that Telok Ayer Street has three different places of worship of three different religions and these places really co-exist really well with each other.

Apart from that, I also noticed how there is also nice combination of bars, local restaurants as well as a handful of Korean restaurants along the same street. What is more interesting to me is that the area is sandwiched between two business district areas.

From this, I developed the script to start filming the video of Telok Ayer Street. The three pages below are my first draft of the script to present to Joy for consultation.

From the consultation, I gathered from Joy that I needed to include more numbers, interviews and statistics. From that, I decided to add in more facts and also lengthen the duration in order to make my presentation close to 8 minutes.

I have also included a couple of survey questions to the public such as people from ADM, tourists, CBD workers as well as other patrons of Telok Ayer Street. Here are some of the results.

From this list of questions, I then put together a final video for this locality.

Feedbacks + Comments from the class


Moving forward, I will be adopting the visuals and aesthetic feel of the video into my zine. I felt that the mustard yellow is a great accent colour for the rustic cream feel of the shophouses and paper that I am going for.

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