Task 2: Infographic Poster

Coming from the interview outcomes and more target researching, I came out with the palette as well as the look and feel of my infographic poster. I then came up with these drafts before refining them further with edits made to my copy as well.

After consultation, I decided to work on the first draft further because I really feel drawn to the circle and main illustration and feel that that could be the main storyteller of the whole infographic poster.


This was what I presented as a WIP on week 7 before the recess week and I gathered some feedbacks to take and improve on.

  • Main illustration seemed a little uncertain as the middle lady is looking at one side and the look of uncertainty is not apparent.
  • The placement of the main illustration is sort of fighting for attention with the other smaller illustrations at the bottom so there is a need to redefine the hierarchy and perhaps shifting of the placement.
  • The sub-headers were are in an S-shape and not really have a particular sense of consistency and orientation.
  • On print, the pink looks darker so might need to adjust.
  • Title to be bigger as it’s not as attention-grabbing right now.

Right off the bat, I changed almost everything about the main illustration where the characters look more womanly with more comfortable and natural curves. I fixed the layout a little to show better sectioning and the ability to comprehend the information consistently but I just know that it still doesn’t look as completed as I want it to be so further refinements.

Final Poster

I adjusted some elements of the illustration such as the squarish platform into a medical plate because I felt that it was more organic looking and also much more relatable since it is a medical tool used in abortions. I also added some little background elements to not make the poster look too flat. In addition, I managed to find a really good space to add in my call-to-action at the bottom part of the poster. Lastly, I changed the black outline of the illustrations into a darker shade of the fill colour as I felt that overall, it would just brighten the poster and make the lines less harsh.