After playing around with the three different sketch models, I came to this final one which I think could be really interesting. For my previous refined sketch models, I’ve had two of them with the sub-ordinate being in discordance whereas  only one model had the sub-dominant being in discordance. Out of the three models, I realised that the model with the sub-dominant being in discordance turn out to be the most interesting model out of all the three. As such, I with my final model, I decided to make my sub-dominant the discordant one.

Some things to address:

Why I did not wedge the Sub-Ordinate to the right side – The reason was that I wanted the Sub-Dominant to feel a little more balanced since it is suspended 2/3 and only 1/3 of the piece is wedged onto the Dominant piece. The second would be that there are light in the Dominant piece that can only be seen if the Sub-Ordinate piece is pierced right at the spot I chose to pierce it at. If I had wedged the Sub-Ordinate on the side of the Dominant piece, I would then not be able to achieve the “kaleidoscope” effect.

Why I didn’t pierce the Sub-Ordinate through the back of the Dominant piece The reason would be that I would then again, not been able to showcase the green and purple light as I have wanted as I would only be able to see what’s on the other side of the dominant piece. In addition, the lights were not small enough to fit directly into the Sub-Ordinate piece thus, it has to be mounted on the inside of the Dominant piece.

Materials Used:

  • White Cardboard Box
  • Metallic Red Card
  • Matte Black Card
  • Transparent Tape
  • Purple and Green Glow Stick

In this final model, I have used the wedging piercing techniques. I have cut the Dominant 1cm deep such that I can fit the Sub-Dominant into it. The challenge that I faced with this would be that the cardboard box is really difficult to cut through as it is tougher and harder to cut as compared to foam. The wedging is also strategically placed such that it is 1/3 wedged onto the Dominant while the 2/3 is left hanging. To create a cantilever effect, the Sub-Ordinate has been placed on the 1/3 portion of the Sub-Dominant.

The Sub-Ordinate has been placed by piercing through the Sub-Dominant. As mentioned, the Sub-Ordinate is strategically placed in the middle of the 1/3 potion of the Sub-Dominant. When looking through the Sub-Ordinate, viewers are able to see a purple and green light, to contribute further to the idea of a Pandora Box as well as discordance as these colours are complimentary to each other.


  1. Watering Can

2. Geometric Earring

3. Lighter

4. Observatory Tower