Week 1 Write-Up

1. Biography

As a versatile creative designer and art director, my passion lies in advertising for social change and branding design. The work experiences that I have garnered the past 5 years span across providing art direction, graphic design for digital and print, photography, video editing and executing creative pitches among many others.

Having gained valuable skills from various industries such as public relations, entertainment, food and beverages, IT and education, it has expanded my vocabulary when providing and implementing creative solutions. With these experiences, my motto is to create works that are inspiring, reflective and especially works that make a difference in the society.

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4. Link to inspiring Artist Presentation

I have chosen Pentagram as an agency that inspires me as they are not only an established design giant that have produced many iconic works since the 1970s, but they are also still creating impactful works that are applicable and still relatable till today.

I have chosen two works from Pentagram and have further gone into details on how these works have inspired me in the speaker notes section of the Google Slides Presentation.