Pro-Choice A-Z Mobile Application

Moving on from the game, players might have many questions after being exposed to the different prompts. Some might be curious, other may be clueless on what the different choices they are entitled to.

Pro-Choice A-Z mobile application aims to clarify, inform and guide young women have queries pertaining to all things pro-choice. This meant that definition of what pro-choice actually means and how important of a cause it is especially in the Singaporean context. Information on abortion and adoption procedures, cost and aftercare or side effects can also be found in the app.

App Testing/Run Through:

To conclude, I had so much fun and fulfilment throughout the process of creating the two deliverables. It really made me take a step back to look at things differently and more critically as it made me design with a purpose and not just for the sake of aesthetic of it. Moving forward, I would really love to tackle more social issues close to my heart and come out with many other creative yet practical designs that not only looks beautiful but also impact others.


Moving forward from the infographic poster, I decided to keep the colours, illustrations and basically the whole look and feel to incorporate it in both of my final deliverables.


Pro-Choice Game: Are You Pro-Choice or Pro-life?

Starting this deliverable out, I spent some time thinking and collating information from both the survey responses as well as videos, websites, forums and articles online that could aid me in the content of my game. My aim of this game would be to spark conversations among young women, encouraging them to speak up and/or ask questions that they are shy to ask with all things revolving around abortions, adoptions and unwanted pregnancies.

Initially, I just wanted to come out with prompt cards that will be drawn by each players and getting them to talk about what they feel but after consultations and revisiting the cards and its concept, I felt that the prompt cards doesn’t fully engage the players as much as I wanted it to be.

As such, I went to think of stronger game objectives that allow players to come to a conclusion once they are done with the game thus, the gameplay of the board game allows players to find out if they are pro-choice supporters or if they are pro-life supporters all while allowing conversations to flow throughout the different prompt cards.

Early Sketches:



I decided to go with the sliding box as the final packaging as I thought it would be simple yet a little different from the usual open up boxes. The different faces of the box are in pink, blue and yellow respectively so as to really make it interesting and vibrant and look very attractive as a game cover.

Board (+icons):

I have created the board such that it allows for players to place their icons within a spectrum as I felt that it would allow them to better visualise where they stand among the other players and allows for a better conversation starter after each prompt.

Prompt Cards:

I have divided the prompt cards into pro-choice and pro-life cards where 5 cards from each category would have a follow-up of having the players collect either pro-choice or pro-life cards if they were to land on any agree spectrum. After 20 rounds of drawing, players would then be able to determine if they are pro-choice supporters or pro-life supporters.

Token Cards:

Players are to collect these cards and accumulate them at the end of the game.


I really hope that this game could be a great conversation starter for young women especially those who have been raised by parents who are not open with discussing topics revolving around unwanted pregnancies. This game could be part of a workshop done by organisations that aid women in unwanted pregnancies or even local Youtube channels that highlight social issues in Singapore where they gather young women of different walks of life to come together to have a genuine conversation and also gaining insight from each other.

Task 2: Infographic Poster

Coming from the interview outcomes and more target researching, I came out with the palette as well as the look and feel of my infographic poster. I then came up with these drafts before refining them further with edits made to my copy as well.

After consultation, I decided to work on the first draft further because I really feel drawn to the circle and main illustration and feel that that could be the main storyteller of the whole infographic poster.


This was what I presented as a WIP on week 7 before the recess week and I gathered some feedbacks to take and improve on.

  • Main illustration seemed a little uncertain as the middle lady is looking at one side and the look of uncertainty is not apparent.
  • The placement of the main illustration is sort of fighting for attention with the other smaller illustrations at the bottom so there is a need to redefine the hierarchy and perhaps shifting of the placement.
  • The sub-headers were are in an S-shape and not really have a particular sense of consistency and orientation.
  • On print, the pink looks darker so might need to adjust.
  • Title to be bigger as it’s not as attention-grabbing right now.

Right off the bat, I changed almost everything about the main illustration where the characters look more womanly with more comfortable and natural curves. I fixed the layout a little to show better sectioning and the ability to comprehend the information consistently but I just know that it still doesn’t look as completed as I want it to be so further refinements.

Final Poster

I adjusted some elements of the illustration such as the squarish platform into a medical plate because I felt that it was more organic looking and also much more relatable since it is a medical tool used in abortions. I also added some little background elements to not make the poster look too flat. In addition, I managed to find a really good space to add in my call-to-action at the bottom part of the poster. Lastly, I changed the black outline of the illustrations into a darker shade of the fill colour as I felt that overall, it would just brighten the poster and make the lines less harsh.