Sequential imaging: Hall Wars

As a part of our project 1B, we were required to create four 3 characters and develop a synopsis for a movie starring them. We were also asked to generate a movie poster for the same. (



Eventually, we were asked to develop our synopsis into a trailer sequence and submit 5 screenshots for the same, which are as follows!

So the trailer starts with a scene of a very peaceful city, where everyone has always been living in harmony! task-3-1

The second  shot shows the city being attacked by extra terrestrial beings, as the first person of the planet, the leader  watches in shock.task-3-2

Myra, the leader, along with her team sets out on a mission to negotiate or fight with the leader of the alien troop and bring back peace .  task-3-3

The climax, a scene from the encounter, where Myra is seen fighting off the villain.task-3-4

The war is won and the planet is once again laden with peace. So it ends with a scene where the people of the planet rejoice being free and safe once again! task-3-5

So here’s yet another of my fictional stories for children with a simple and clear ‘good versus evil’ story line! 

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