Essay Proposal

Compare two ceramics from the Tang shipwreck. Consider the following in your discussion: patrons, producers, materials, production, function, and meanings. 


  • Comparison between – Celadon ware and Blue and white Ceramics
  • Background information about the two types
  • Brief description of their origin
  • The various sub points for comparison

Tentative claim: The Celadon ware and the blue and white ceramics have a similar background and history. But the methods of production has lead to differences in their appearance, durability and uniqueness, because of which the spread of blue and white ceramics, even in the west has been prominent.

Visual analysis: Two brief complementary paragraphs talking about similarities/ major differences:

  • Origin/ history
  • Method of production
  • Materials used
  • Color
  • Texture / pattern / motifs
  • Import / Export




One thought on “Essay Proposal

  1. The current claim has multiple ideas for different papers. Let’s try to focus on one.

    What are the similarities? background and history–what do they mean? vague–need to be more specific. Do you mean they are made in China? For whom are they made?

    differences: appearance durability, uniqueness–

    Are the methods the same?

    When am I seeing you for office hours?


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