Evocative objects: Research and Process

After discussions, we came up with a few potential themes about global warming for our project, and decided on a few types of sounds:

  • Fire and water – coal and water sizzling
  • Fire and Air –
  • Water and air – bubbling sound
  • Earth and Water – squishy, sticks and mud (melting of ice caps)
  • Earth and Fire – burning sound (deforestation/burning fossil fuels)
  • Earth and Air – wind blowing trees, leaf sound (CO2 gas)
  • End with fire extinguisher-extinguishing global warming

Synthetic nature:

  • Environment A : diff grades of air quality diff sound, object constant
  • Same conditions, diff air quality, diff outcomes/reactions

Global Warming:

Natural earth sound(EARTH SINGING-microphone into the soil), ‘tortured’ by the other elements. In the end all three sounds happening together, rate increasing as elements are added.

Shows global warming happening to earth as things are happening. Shows the increasing rate of global warming as the sounds are added in, eventually earth gets overwhelmed with all the activities, ends off with fire extinguisher.


Inspiration page:

We decided to choose an object from the ADM building itself, since the potential audience would relate to it better. 

  • Different sounds of the different objects seen in the image. Eg, palm trees, water, glass, cement, steps.
  • Familiar sounds of ADM: handicap lift sound, door closing sound, beeping on the door.

After considering a few objects we settled on the microwave:

MICROWAVE + Food + Utensils:

  • Unhealthy eating- Processed food goes into the microwave
  • Electricity- physics- sound from water vibration in the food (because that’s how microwave works?) /consumption?
  • Experiential sounds
  • Popcorns?

Some of the points we considered whilst working on the idea were:

  • SEQUENCE: ear piercing sounds when opening the microwave door
  • Different type of food choices would lead to different type of outcome.
  • Sounds – Warning/ Alarm/
  • Please choose the food of your choice (Robotic sound).

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